A recap of my work on the four-part City Flavor series documenting the culinary experience curated by Flavor Officer Gerard Craft at CITYPARK stadium.

The Pitch

Saint Louis and soccer go together like hot dogs and buns. Major League Soccer needed to build anticipation for what their Chief Flavor Officer and James Beard award winner, Gerard Craft, had in store for arguably the biggest soccer fans in the country - and give fans an up-close look at how Craft curated the CITYPARK stadium match day menu.

I pitched a series of documentary-style short films that featured the makers, the restaurateurs, and the chefs. Visuals, food, and the stadium aside, the people were the story. It was important to me to give the audience a firsthand account of the makers and the journeys that led them to CITYPARK for match day

Visually, I wanted key scenes to feel cinematic while incorporating documentary and reality television elements for a wider audience to connect with.

I was overwhelmed with excitement about working on this project with Major League Soccer and being able to tell a few unique stories. I remain extremely grateful to have received this responsibility.

My crew and I went in confident and ultimately delivered results that everyone in the city was pleased with.

The Players

Demond Meek

Executive Producer / Director 

Ryan Meyer

Executive Producer / Editor

Stephen Greathouse

Director of Photography

The Game

What a ride. This was a mind-blowing experience that presented many challenges, yet provided so many rewards. We pushed past any and all limitations with tremendous success.

It was an honor and a gift to get to know Gerard, Steve, David, and the team over at Balkan Treat Box. They are all good, hard working people. Their stories needed to be told. I embraced the responsibility of telling their stories and treated them like family.

This assignment was personal for me. Some of the days were long and grueling, but in the end, the goal was achieved. The fun outweighed the stress.

I remain extremely proud of the work that my team and I created from start to finish. I take great satisfaction knowing that we created the blueprint for what can be an amazing ongoing series that showcases St. Louis' immense talent.

Mission accomplished!


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